Netherlands backs euthanasia for terminally ill children under-12

By October 15, 2020 Recent News

BBC News 14 October 2020
Family First Comment: When they argue that there is no slippery slope, ignore them. They’re either unaware or lying.

The Dutch government has approved plans to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children aged between one and 12.

On Tuesday, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said the rule change would prevent some children from “suffering hopelessly and unbearably”.

Euthanasia is currently legal in the Netherlands for children older than 12, with mandatory consent from the patient and their parents.

It is also legal for babies up to a year old with parental consent.

But there is no provision for those aged between one and 12 who are terminally ill.

The issue has proven extremely controversial and has triggered months of debate in the four-party ruling coalition government. There has also been strong opposition from conservative Christian parties.

But, following the government’s approval of the plans, Mr de Jonge said he would draft new regulations for the practice. He said a study by experts had noted a need for the rule change.

In 2014, Belgium became the first country to allow for voluntary child euthanasia if they are terminally ill and in great pain and if they have parental consent. The Netherlands introduced the same rule for children over the age of 12 shortly afterwards.