Family First has quickly become a household name, advocating on behalf of families, and speaking common sense and values into a number of family issues in New Zealand. The aim is to promote strong families, marriage, and the value of life, based on the principles that have benefited New Zealand for generations.

As well as being a dominant voice for family values in the media, Family First also provides:

Research – promoting and advancing research and policies which support marriage, families, and safe communities as foundational to a strong and enduring society. Research published so far includes the medical research relating to the alcohol drinking age, the fiscal cost of family breakdown and decreasing marriage rates, the effects of extended daycare, and a summary of research relating to marriage. A paper critiquing sex education resources targeted at young people is hoped to be published shortly.

Education – hosting conferences and international family experts; producing and publishing relevant and stimulating material in newspapers.

Family First has been the lead voice on a number of major public debates in NZ recently including leading the opposition to the anti-smacking law which was introduced in 2007 (a Referendum on the issue resulted in 87% opposition to the law, which the National-led government subsequently ignored) and the same-sex marriage bill which was recently rammed through Parliament despite increasing opposition and less than 50% support for redefining marriage.

You can see some of their work at various websites that they host:

Registered Charity
Our Charity Registration number is: CC10094. For further details, please click here for link to Charities Commission website.