Overwhelming Opposition Confirmed On Assisted Suicide Bill

Media Release 11 November 2018  Family First NZ says that the overwhelming opposition to David Seymour’s assisted suicide bill by submitters to the Select Committee is no surprise and was already indicated during the earlier Inquiry by the Health Select Committee. According to an analysis of a substantial number of the submissions by the Care Alliance, a whopping 92% of …

Pledge to protect

“We, the undersigned, oppose any attempt to legalise assisted suicide / euthanasia in New Zealand. We call for the provision of the highest quality palliative care to be made available in all areas of New Zealand.”


Euthanasia (or assisted suicide) has certainly been in the media a lot lately. There is a strong push for it to be decriminalised in NZ as has happened in a few overseas countries. Are you ready for this debate? Do you know the key arguments for euthanasia and how to counter them? Can you define ‘euthanasia’? (There is a lot …

Euthanasia Report Warns of Elder Abuse & Coercion

 A report on the history of the euthanasia debate in New Zealand and an examination of the law and the research evidence overseas warns of the potential for even greater levels of elder abuse if euthanasia were to be decriminalised in NZ. The Report “Killing Me Softly – Should Euthanasia Be Legalised?” by Professor Rex Ahdar of Otago University says …

Euthanasia Debate in New Zealand TVNZ

June 30 2012 : Labour’s Maryan Street and international anti-Euthanasia campaigner Alex Schadenberg on the controversial topic of euthanasia in New Zealand

TVONE Breakfast – Debating Euthanasia and Abuse

A new report claims deaths by assisted suicide and euthanasia have been increasing wherever the practices have been legalised worldwide. Breakfast talks with Family First’s Bob McCoskrie and euthanasia campaigner MP Maryan Street.