Why hospice objects to proposed end of life law

By September 8, 2020 Recent News

Stuff co.nz 5 September 2020
Family First Comment: Great decision, and a ‘clear conscience’:
“As experts in providing palliative care, with a long-established philosophy of neither delaying nor hastening death, Nelson Tasman Hospice conscientiously objects to assisted death.”

New Zealand will soon vote on whether terminally-ill people should be able to ask for help to end their life. Nelson Tasman Hospice chief executive Frans Dellebeke explains why the Nelson Tasman Hospice conscientiously objects to the End of Life Choice Act 2019.

This October, New Zealand will go to the polls to choose our next Government. At the same time, two referendums will be held: A non-binding referendum on cannabis legalisation and control, and a binding referendum on whether to allow someone who is terminally ill to legally request assisted dying to end their life.

This Act is called the End of Life Choice Act 2019. The process is also known as voluntary euthanasia and assisted dying.

The Nelson Tasman Hospice accepts that all people have freedom of choice and should they wish to choose assisted dying, we will continue to provide support and palliative care to the patient and their family/whānau, which includes bereavement support and counselling.

This is what Hospice has always done. We will continue our commitment to providing excellent palliative care to everyone, regardless of the outcome of the referendum this October.

The referendum is a big decision for every voter, and we each have a responsibility to fully understand what we are voting on. More information on these choices is available at www.nelsonhospice.org.nz and www.hospice.org.nz.

Hospice care is about managing/easing pain and allowing a person to live the last weeks, months, or years of their life with dignity and respect.
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