Elder abuse ‘rampant’ and ‘all-hidden’ in New Zealand

By June 18, 2019 Recent News

Stuff co.nz 18 June 2019
Family First Comment: NZ Medical Association chair, Dr Kate Baddock, recently said “Apparently approximately 50% of those who choose euthanasia in The Netherlands do so because they feel obligated to die. They feel that their continued existence is a burden, either financial or emotional, to their family, to society at large. And so they choose euthanasia, even though they don’t want to die.” 

Elder abuse can be financial, psychological, physical or sexual, and can affect men and women regardless of their race, religion, class or sexual orientation. It could be verbal harassment or humiliation, preventing decision-making, isolation or over-medication.

However, Peterson-Ihaka said that abuse against elderly people is mostly financial.

Unlike in Bill’s case, more than 75 per cent of abuse against an elderly person is by a family member, often a child or grandchild.

A common threat is that the elderly person won’t have access to their grandchildren, unless they comply with the child’s demands.

Last year, Age Concern’s elder abuse services received over 2200 referrals across the country – two thirds of which were confirmed cases of abuse or neglect.

Anyone concerned can call the 24 hour helpline – 0800 326 6865 – to be directed to the nearest Elder Abuse Response Service.
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