Lobby group claims most New Zealanders against euthanasia

By December 13, 2018 Recent News

NewsTalk ZB 11 December 2018
Family First Comment: “92% of submissions are against it, UP from 77% during the Health Select Committee’s earlier investigation”!
Once people consider the issue in depth, the opposition is overwhelming.

An analysis of public submissions on the End of Life Choice Bill has found a growing number of Kiwis against euthanasia.

A team of volunteers from the Care Alliance, who oppose the bill, have analysed more than 20,000 of the record-breaking 36,000 submissions received.

Secretary Peter Thirkell says their preliminary analysis shows 92 percent of submissions are against it, up from 77 percent during the Health Select Committee’s earlier investigation

“The thing that strikes you is that these are just regular Kiwis for the most part saying what’s important to them. Overwhelmingly, people are quite fearful about
the broader social implications of this bill. That comes through strongly.”

Thirkell says many are concerned about vulnerable people who could be influenced one way or another.

One Christchurch palliative care doctor says she doesn’t support legalising euthanasia.

Doctor Amanda Landers was the former chair of the Kiwi branch of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine.

She says she had to speak to the initial Health Select Committee when the bill was in its infancy and what she learned concerned her.
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