Euthanasia advocate fined $7500 for importing drug her friend used to take her own life

By May 11, 2018 Recent News

TVNZ One News 11 May 2018
Family First Comment: Good decision. Assisting suicide should always be a crime.

The woman who was put on trial for the assisted suicide of her friend has today been sentenced for providing the drugs she used to take her life.

Susan Austen was found not guilty for aiding the suicide of Anne Marie Treadwell, but was found guilty for importing the Class C drug Pentobarbital at a trial in February.

She’s today been sentenced and fined $2500 for the first charge and $5000 on the second charge, of importing the drug.

The judge in the case declined a discharge without conviction.

Austen faced a two week long trial in the High Court in Wellington. She was found not guilty on February 23 on the charge of assisting Anne Marie Treadwell to commit suicide, but guilty on two charges of importing the Class C drug.

Pentobarbital is commonly used by vets in New Zealand to euthanise animals.