Euthanasia – It’s Time To Make A Submission – Here’s All The Info You Need

By December 15, 2017 Recent News

Yes – we know that Christmas is just around the corner – and probably the last thing you want to do is think about euthanasia / assisted suicide.
But the Select Committee considering David Seymour’s euthanasia bill (whose members interestingly ALL voted for euthanasia in the 1st Reading!) have set the deadline for submissions as soon as 20 February 2018. They seem to be hoping that you’ll be too distracted by the festive and holiday season to get around to making a submission against the bill. Let’s disappoint them!

So we’ve done all the ‘prep work’ for you. Our 16-page Submission Guideline resource contains:
1. the key reasons why the current laws on suicide / assisted suicide / euthanasia should be maintained. This will help you get started with ideas for your submission
2. a critique of the key part of the specific law change proposed by Seymour
3. the key information you need to include, the ways you can send your submission in, and other relevant details.

Q: I made a submission to the recent Inquiry. Do I need to make another submission to the Inquiry?
A: YES! This is a separate consideration which involves a potential law change
Q: So can I use similar material to what I did in my previous submission?
A: Absolutely, although we would encourage you to read our resource first to refresh your mind and to take into account the specifics of the proposed law change
Q. Just remind me – what’s the latest date I can make a submission?
A: You have until 20 February 2018 (but why not do it this weekend!) Then you can have a total break in January. The beginning of the year can always be a bit chaotic
Q. I’d like to make this info available to friends and family. Is there a printed pamphlet that I can distribute?
A: Glad you asked! Yes we are printing the Submission Guideline and distributing in January (or as soon as you get back from holiday). Use the link below to place orders for your group / church / organisation.

Email [email protected] with the following details.
Name of Group / Church / Organisation (to avoid double ups):
Delivery Address:
Contact phone number:
Quantity requested:
No cost – although any donation towards printing and postage gratefully received!