Margreet: "She was euthanized without consent. They decided."

By November 16, 2017 Recent News

In the new film “Fatal Flaws” (Spring 2018) filmmaker Kevin Dunn questions the long term effects of assisted death laws on society. One of the most shocking stories came from a woman named Margreet whose mother was euthanized without request. Margreet (The Netherlands) was on her way to the hospital to see her mother who was just admitted with a possible case of pneumonia. On her way there, she received a message from the emergency room doctor who told her not to worry about rushing to the hospital, as doctors had just induced a coma from which her mother would not awaken. Margaret’s full story is featured in the film “Fatal Flaws”, coming 2018 from DunnMedia and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition along with donors like you. Please consider supporting this film at