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Say No to Euthanasia in New Zealand

DOWNLOAD Euthanasia Factsheet 2021

EUTHANASIA is the act of intentionally, knowingly, and directly causing the death of a patient, at the request of the patient. If someone other than the person who dies performs the last act, euthanasia has occurred. Download our detailed Fact Sheet.

20 Reasons To Vote NO

Here’s 20 great reasons why you should tick the NO box in the upcoming referendum on legalising euthanasia. Nothing in the proposed law guarantees the protection required for
vulnerable people, including the disabled, elderly, depressed or anxious, and those who feel themselves to be a burden or who are under financial pressure. Don’t let New Zealand make a euthanasia / assisted suicide mistake.

We’re Speaking Up In The Public Debate

Read our Media Releases which have the common theme of opposing any attempt to legalise assisted suicide / euthanasia in New Zealand, and which call for the provision of the highest quality palliative care to be made available to all New Zealanders.

Killing Me Softly

Professor Rex Ahdar’s report on the history of the euthanasia debate in New Zealand warns of the potential for even greater levels of elder abuse if euthanasia were to be decriminalised in New Zealand.

DOWNLOAD PDF of the “20 Reasons to Vote No to Euthanasia in 2020”

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August 14, 2023 in Latest News, Recent News

Euthanasia threat for the disabled

So what happens when you combine disability, cost and euthanasia. You only need to look at Canada to see where we may be headed, and the real threat to disabled…
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August 3, 2023 in Latest News, Recent News

Canada’s assisted death laws to include new mental health provisions in 2024

An expansion of the criteria for medically assisted death comes into force in March 2024 will allow Canadians like Pauli, aged 47, who battles anorexia and whose sole underlying condition…
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June 7, 2023 in Recent News

Euthanasia for homelessness and poverty?!

When a newly-permitted activity such as euthanasia is characterised as a ‘human right’, the overseas experience is that there is an inevitable push to extend such a ‘right’ to a…
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October 19, 2022 in Recent News

Belgium – physically healthy 23 yr old woman suffering PTSD is euthanised

Yet another tragic story that highlights the dangers of liberal euthanasia laws (aka “assisted suicide”). A Belgian woman, aged 23, was recently euthanised after being ‘traumatised’ by the 2016 ISIS…
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