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STRANGE: Euthanasia debate linked to 'putting animal down'

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Euthanasia: How is it done, and what’s it like putting down something you’ve vowed to care for?
Stuff 5 April 2017
Family First Comment: Supporters of euthanasia compare euthanasia to putting animals down (which the SPCA probably does every day, including mongrel or aggressive dogs), but… “Questions over whether pets would need to be euthanased as frequently if quality palliative care existed, were incomparable to a subsidised public health system, she said.”
Exactly. Comparing apples with oranges.
It’s not uncommon for a distraught a pet owner, standing by Rover as he’s put down in a veterinary clinic, to lament “I wish we could have done this to Grandma,” MPs investigating euthanasia have been told.
Parliament’s Health Select Committee is nearing the end of its inquiry into euthanasia, and its MPs requested for specific evidence to be given on the mechanics of the process by leading veterinarians and an anaesthetist.
While they had sat through months of public submission hearings on the moral, legal and ethical points around euthanasia, little evidence had been given on the process itself and what it felt like for the clinician performing it.euthanasia - pet bills
Dean of Massey University’s Veterinary School Jenny Weston said it was difficult to draw too many parallels between animals and humans, but few vets would prefer to prolong suffering rather than put an animal down.
As a profession, we don’t have a compulsory requirement for a debrief as there are in other professions – where you can go and unburden your soul about what might be troubling you.
“I think there would be almost no veterinarians, who when there is a sick animal that’s in pain, and there is no treatment available, would have any concerns about it,” she said.

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