Euthanasia group plans to turn militant in NZ over the buying of lethal drugs

By December 15, 2016 Recent News

Stuff 14 December 2016
Family First Comment: So now they’re showing their true colours – and intentions.
An Australian euthanasia advocate is vowing to set up a new militant arm of his organisation in New Zealand to import large quantities of lethal drugs.
Exit International director Philip Nitschke said his members were fed up with politicians’ inaction, and would set up ExitAction as a shamelessly criminal group similar to the Aids drug-buying group portrayed in the movie Dallas Buyers Club.
“This is not something you beg for. This is something you take,” Nitschke said.
It would mean that people wanting to take their own lives would not have to import euthanasia drugs illegally and – as happened earlier this year – receive visits from police.
“We are not going to sit around for another decade while politicians wax and wane [on legalising euthanasia],” he said from Amsterdam.
When ExitAction was announced internationally earlier this month, Nitschke put out a statement saying access to euthanasia drugs was a right of all competent adults, “regardless of sickness or permission from the medical profession”.
Exit members are believed to be concerned that the Government position could change under new Prime Minister Bill English, who is Catholic and a known opponent of voluntary euthanasia.
His wife Mary, a Wellington GP, told a health sub-committee hearing on the subject last month that legalising euthanasia would create ethical issues for doctors.
“A core principle has been that we do not kill our patients.”
She repeatedly referred to pro-euthanasia laws by the acronym “MAD”, or medically assisted dying. “It would be unsafe for those at risk of suicide.”
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