Elder Abuse – Left penniless by daughter

By October 29, 2016 Recent News

Father, 85, speaks of daughter’s betrayal: ‘I never dreamt that she would do it’
Stuff co.nz 28 October 2016
Family First Comment: “It is estimated up to 25,000 older people in New Zealand experience abuse or neglect each year. The abuse can be psychological, physical, financial or neglecting basic health and welfare needs.”
Imagine the effect of euthanasia laws!
Elder abuse in New Zealand is predicted to get worse and its impact can be devastating. Deena Coster shares the heart-breaking tale of what one man endured because of his daughter’s greed.
When Ray Thomson lost his life savings, he also lost the daughter he thought loved him the most.
“I was led to believe she was doing everything for me. She was alright but she was doing everything for herself – with my money,” he says.
Over two years, Thomson’s daughter Helen Williams robbed her father of everything he had, cleaning $320,000 out of his bank account, leaving him with just $20.
The blind man now lives in a rest home, in a single, sparsely decorated room, a transistor radio among his meagre possessions.
In January, Williams was sentenced to 12 months’ home detention for her deceit, a crime she says was motivated by a gambling and drug addiction.
Thomson can’t talk about what his daughter did without breaking down. She was going to get half his money when he died but she couldn’t wait, Thomson says – her “plain greed” got in the way.
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