Woman given 2 months to live survived for NINE years (UK)

By September 21, 2016 Recent News

Daily Mail 12 March 2015
When Sandra Hilburn was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2006, she was told she only had up to three months to live.
Nine years – and five grandchildren – later, the 68-year-old retiree from New Jersey is still going strong, and all thanks to an experimental treatment involving a common vaccine.
Hillburn, of Fort Lee, New Jersey, was one of 12 cancer patients who were given a tetanus shot as part of a new study conducted at the Duke University Medical Center.
Researchers found that a dose of tetanus vaccine let patients like Hillburn live longer when added to an experimental treatment for the most common and deadly kind of brain tumor,
It ‘put the immune system on high alert,’ paving the way for the experimental treatment to work better in attacking the disease, said researcher Kristen Batich of the Duke University Medical Center.
In a paper released Wednesday by the journal Nature, she and others describe a study of 12 patients. Some who got the tetanus shot lived years longer than those who didn’t.
READ MORE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2990255/Study-Tetanus-shot-aid-treatment-deadly-brain-cancer.html

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