Elder abuse soars as country's vulnerable targeted

By June 15, 2016 Recent News

Stuff.co.nz 15 June 2016
Family First Comment: And legalising euthanasia in NZ would simply exacerbate the problem. Older New Zealanders are not a problem to be rid of — they’re a generation to be honoured and cared for. Elder Abuse has become a significant problem in New Zealand. We cannot ignore the possibility that dependent elderly people may be coerced into assisted suicide (euthanasia). We cannot put older New Zealanders at risk by creating new paths to elder abuse, potentially resulting in a ‘duty to die’. Assisted suicide (euthanasia) poses a threat to the equality of persons.

A spike in family members assaulting, neglecting or ripping off their elderly relatives has been reported in Canterbury.
Age Concern Canterbury reported a 53 per cent increase in the number of elder abuse cases from 2014 to 2015, with 187 cases last year.
As of June, the organisation was well on its way to surpassing that figure, with 10 new cases reported each week.
June 15 marks the start of Elder Abuse Awareness Week and Age Concern Canterbury has called for an end to the abuse of the country’s vulnerable.
Age Concern Canterbury social worker Trina Cox said over the last 12 months there had been noticeable growth in family violence toward elderly in Canterbury.
“What we’re seeing is the physical assault of elderly.”
Nationally, more than 75 per cent of elder abuse was committed by family members.
Elder abuse included psychological, financial or material abuse, physical and sexual abuse, neglect and institutional abuse.
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