Elderly importers of lethal drug used in assisted suicide are getting pinged by Customs

By May 24, 2016 Recent News

Stuff.co.nz 22 May 2016
Family First Comment: And so they should. Suicide is never the answer.
Elderly New Zealanders are falling foul of the law by being caught importing potentially fatal doses of Nembutal from China and Mexico.
Those who have had their shipment discovered at the border include one Nelson couple in their eighties who were visited and warned by the police, although no charges were laid.
New Zealand residents, mainly members of the voluntary euthanasia group Exit, have successfully brought in doses, enough for a couple to painlessly end their lives.
But others have had their shipment, typically coming in a small package, confiscated on arrival.
At a recent meeting of the ‘Nelson Options’ chapter of Exit, International European co-ordinator Tom Curran told the mainly-elderly attendees he was surprised Customs were seizing the drug so often.
“China is the most popular or common place for it to come from now, because it’s powder, and it comes in a flat pack just like a letter.
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