Elderly suicide on mental health conference agenda

By May 9, 2016 Recent News

NewsTalk ZB 9 May 2016
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We’re being told not to forget about the older community in a bid to prevent elderly suicide.
Elderly suicide is set to be discussed at a mental health conference attended by psychiatrists from New Zealand and Australia today.
Spokesperson for counselling service Relationship Matters Steve Taylor said elderly people often go into care and get visits from family once every couple of weeks.
He said this can make them feel lonely, helpless and without purpose.
“The more that a person loses their sense of hope and purpose then the less will they have to actually be able to contribute or go on living.”
He said when people grow older some people assume they don’t have much use anymore.
“They have a lot to contribute, particularly to the younger generation, and I think one of the key things we could do is have a situation where we could actually talk to a lot of people and say what is it that you would like to offer, what is that you would like to contribute and how can we help you do that.”
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