Woman, 50, granted right to die after complaining she's 'lost her sparkle'

By December 3, 2015 Recent News

ITV News 2 December 2015
A judge has granted a 50-year-old woman who fears being “poor, ugly or old” the right to die after she complained she had “lost her sparkle”.
The woman, known only as C, destroyed her kidneys after trying to kill herself by taking an overdose when she found out she had breast cancer.
As a result she needs dialysis but refuses to undergo further treatment even though there is a high chance she will live.

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One of her daughters told the Court of Protection the most important thing to her mother, who was described as “impulsive” and “self-centred”, was her “sparkly lifestyle”.
A judge was asked by King’s College Hospital NHS Trust to decide if C had the mental capacity to refuse treatment.
And in a controversial decision, which Mr Justice MacDonald said many people may be “horrified” by, he ruled in her favour.

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