Emily was 24 and physically fit. She wanted euthanasia. She chose to live.

By November 17, 2015 Recent News

Emily “Laura” is a healthy 24 year-old who was approved to die by euthanasia in Belgium. Emily has chosen to live.
Alex Schadenberg 12 November 2015
The Economist released a video on November 10 concerning Emily, a 24 year-old physically healthy woman who was approved for euthanasia for the reason of psychological suffering. The video is titled 24 & ready to die.

The 21 minute video (bottom of article) interviews Emily, her psychiatrist, her mother, and her friends. The video ends with Emily deciding not to go through with the lethal injection.

It seems that the Economist was producing a pro-euthanasia video to justify Emily’s death by euthanasia except that Emily changed her mind. The video concludes by trying to sell the viewers on the concept that Emily chooses not to die because she has a choice. In reality legal euthanasia has enabled death to be seen as a treatment for psychological pain, enabling her to die by lethal injection.

The greater question is how come Emily was approved for euthanasia? According to the law, a psychological reasons only when the person is experiencing unremitting suffering.

What we learned from the Letter of Hope to Laura is that a common response people was that they also lived with similar psychological pain. Psychological pain is a common human condition. Death is not the answer to psychological pain.