Hopes New Zealanders will debate euthanasia

By August 29, 2015 Recent News

NewsTalk ZB 28 August 2015
It’s hoped people all across New Zealand will get involved in the debate on assisted suicide.
LISTEN: Dr Jane Silloway Smith speaks to Tim Dower on KPMG Early Edition
A euthanasia researcher believes the broad scope of Parliament’s inquiry into the issue will allow an open and wide-ranging debate.
Parliament’s Health Select Committee will take public submissions on the issue until February next year.
Dr Jane Silloway Smith from the Maxim Institute has been leading a research project into the long-term effects of assisted suicide in places where it’s already allowed.
She hopes there will be a wide and diverse public response here in New Zealand, from people both for and against.
“Also from people in suicide prevention who work with more than just … those with irreversible conditions. They have a lot to add to this debate as well because they sit with people everyday who want to end their lives, and really understand what conditions those people are coming from.”
She thinks New Zealand is ready to look at the issue more fully.
“There’s a lot of confusion, a lot just don’t know what to think about this issue and I think this inquiry, with it being as broad as it is, will be a really great place for all of the information from both sides to come out.”