Don’t make Oregon’s mistake:Ten reasons why the UK should not follow suit and legalise assisted suicide

By August 21, 2015 Recent News

Care Not Killing August 2015 
1. There has been a steady increase in annual numbers of people undergoing assisted suicide in Oregon

2. The Oregon health department is funding assisted suicide but not treatment for some cancer patients

3. Patients are living for many years after having been prescribed lethal drugs for ‘terminal illness’ showing that the eligibility criteria are being stretched

4. The vast majority of those choosing to kill themselves are doing so for existential reasons rather than on the basis of real medical symptoms

5. Many people in Washington and Oregon give ‘fear of being a burden on others’ as a reason for ending their lives

6. Fewer than three per cent of patients are being referred for formal psychiatric or psychological evaluation

7. A substantial number of patients dying under the Oregon Act do not have terminal illnesses

8. It is virtually certain that there is under-reporting of assisted suicide cases in Oregon

9. Some doctors know the patient for less than a week before prescribing the lethal drugs

10. The presence of no independent witnesses in over 80% of cases is a recipe for elder abuse—oregon.pdf