The assisted suicide of Gill Pharaoh reminds us that there are actually limits to choice

By August 11, 2015 Recent News

Christian Medical Comment 3 August 2015
Last week I was contacted by the Sunday Times who were planning to run a high profile story about a 75 year old retired nurse being helped to kill herself in Switzerland.
The story of Gill Pharaoh’s death was later published last Sunday under the title ‘Why I’d rather die than get old’.
It was subsequently rerun by national dailies (see here and here) and ITV.
Not to be outdone, the BBC, euthanasia cheerleader extraordinaire, has now made it into an international media story (which incidentally speaks volumes about their ideological bias given their deafening silence on the Planned Parenthood body part scandal).
Pharaoh requested help to kill herself in a Basel ‘clinic’ because she found the reality of old age ‘awful’, did not ‘think old age is fun’, did not want to end up as a ‘hobbling old lady’ and because she did not want to be a ‘burden’ to her children. ‘The thought that I may need help from my children appalls me’, she wrote.
She added that expecting help from one’s children is ‘a most selfish and unreasonable view’.
And yet the former nurse had no major health problems and was on no medication. She had intermittent back pain following a bout of shingles and had tinnitus – about par for the course for a person of her age.