Survey doesn't show doctors' views – NZMA

By July 14, 2015 Recent News

Radio NZ News 14 July 2015
Nearly 12 percent of general practitioners surveyed by the magazine New Zealand Doctor say they have helped a terminally ill person die.
But the New Zealand Medical Association says the survey does not reflect doctors’ views.
Thirteen of the 110 GPs who responded to the survey by New Zealand Doctor and IMS FaxHealth said they had intervened to help a terminally ill and suffering patient to die.
Nearly 41 percent of survey respondents said they had been asked to help end a patient’s life by relatives.
There was a fairly even split on questions about whether doctors should help terminally ill people to die, and on whether a law change was needed.
New Zealand Medical Association chair Stephen Child told Nine to Noon the survey did not represent the views of doctors on euthanasia.’t-show-doctors’-views-nzma