PM: I support euthanasia and it will be debated again soon

By June 8, 2015 Recent News

OneNews 8 June 2015
Prime Minister John Key says he would support legislation allowing euthanasia following Lecretia Seales’ high-profile case, but says getting it right is difficult.
Ms Seales died last week after a campaign to push Parliament into reconsidering its stance on legalising euthanasia, debate on which has been voted down by Parliament three times.
She took her case to the High Court, but Justice Collins ruled that only Parliament had the right to change laws in the area.
Mr Key this morning told TVNZ’s Breakfast he personally supported euthanasia, and would support legislation in its favour, but there was some difficulty in getting the wording right to legislate it.
He made reference to comments by Ms Seales, who said her husband Matt would know “when the time is right” for her to pass away.
“And I’m sure that is right,” Mr Key said, “but the question is how do you write that in legislation – because everyone has a slightly different view,” he said.