Euthanasia select committee push

By June 8, 2015 Recent News

Radio NZ News 8 June 2015
John Key has said he would support an inquiry but said the Government had no intention of actively promoting a law change at this stage.
There was still fierce opposition among both MPs and the public to any move to change the law, he warned.
Debate on the issue was reignited by the case of Wellington woman Lecretia Seales, who was suffering from brain cancer and died last week.
Chair of the Justice and Electoral committee Jacqui Dean said she would be happy to consider an inquiry.
When asked about her personal view on the subject, Ms Dean said she wanted to carefully consider the issue and not make a snap judgement.
But her deputy on the committee National List MP Jono Naylor was less reticent about his views on the matter.
“I am pretty staunch in the idea that I don’t think there is really any place for euthanasia of any kind.