Bill English votes no to euthanasia

By June 8, 2015 Recent News

3News 7 June 2015
Finance Minister Bill English says he’ll vote against any legislation allowing euthanasia in New Zealand.

The death of Wellington lawyer Lecretia Seales from natural causes on Friday just hours after her family were advised the High Court had not ruled in her favour in an attempt to choose when she could die has prompted calls for law reform.

Prime Minister John Key said any moves by parliament on the issue would be a conscience vote and the best mechanism would be a private members’ bill.

“In the past, I have personally voted for euthanasia, as I do have some sympathy for that argument,” he said.

His deputy, Mr English, a Catholic, said today he would vote against any law change.

“The law says that if the doctor helps them die that would be breaking the law and that’s what the judgment said pretty clearly,” Mr English said on TVNZ‘s Q&A programme.

Mr English, whose wife is a GP, said he personally did not believe the law needed to change.

“My personal view is that the law is where it should be,” he said.