Husband urges debate on euthanasia

By June 5, 2015 Recent News

NZ Herald 6 June 2015
An emotional call by Lecretia Seales’ husband to have euthanasia law reform properly examined could be answered by a new approach backed by opposition parties.
Efforts to change the law have previously been made through the introduction of members’ bills.
They failed in conscience votes at the first reading stage – meaning the issue did not go before a select committee, where facts including overseas evidence can be closely reviewed.
“This issue has not been given a fair hearing in Parliament. In effect, New Zealand’s politicians have twice voted not to have a debate properly informed by the findings of a select committee,” Matt Vickers, Ms Seales’ husband, said yesterday.
Parliament should not wait for a private member’s bill to be drawn from the ballot, he said.
“This debate needs to happen now. Prime Minister, I urge you to give the public what they want and start the debate.