Palliative care doctor warns of euthanasia 'ripple effect'

By June 2, 2015 Recent News

OneNews 3 June 2015
A leading palliative care doctor says a possible decision by a judge to allow euthanasia would have a ripple effect and would break her heart.
The family of Wellington lawyer Lecretia Seales, who’s battling brain cancer and is paralysed, is waiting for a judge to rule on her last wish – for her doctor to be granted the right to take her life, if she chooses.
The chair of the Australia and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine, Dr Amanda Landers, told Seven Sharp euthanasia presents too many grey areas.
“How can we make sure that people aren’t being coerced – the most vulnerable sector of our society?”
Dr Landers says euthanasia is not something palliative care professionals are trained to do.
“It’s not in our medical curriculum,” she said.
“I believe it will change the patient doctor relationship forever.”