Euthanasia wanted for man in constant pain despite not being terminally ill

By May 28, 2015 Recent News

MailOnline 28 May 2015
A father who is in ‘debilitating pain’ after having a tumour removed is asking people to donate to send him to end his life at Dignitas – despite not being terminally ill.
Roger Bailey decided he wanted to die at the Swiss assisted suicide clinic after nerve damage from the operation in 2012 left him in pain, doubly incontinent and ‘rapidly losing my dignity.’
The 66-year has now set up a crowd funding page and hopes to raise £30,000 to ends his life.
But campaign groups have warned that appealing for money for assisted suicide sent a ‘chilling message.’
Alistair Thompson, spokesman for Care Not Killing, warned that many who chose to end their own lives did so out of fear of becoming a burden.
He said that encouraging more people to take assisted suicide gave vulnerable or ill individuals the impression that ‘their lives weren’t worth living.’
However, Mr Bailey said his constant pain and fear he would become totally reliant on others had made up his mind long ago.
‘I decided more than a year ago it was time for me to die,’ said the father-of-two.
‘I am not terminally ill but I am in constant pain and rapidly losing my dignity.