Doctors Killed His Mom Because She Was Depressed. Now He Speaks Out Against Euthanasia.

By March 11, 2015 Recent News

Daily Signal 2 January 2015
The issue of euthanasia created a divide among Belgians. Some, such as Tom Mortier, a 38-year-old chemistry professor at Leuven University College in Flanders, say his country has gone too far.
On April 19, 2012, Mortier’s mother was put to death at age 65 for what doctors called “untreatable depression.” He is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights over the conditions of her death. Mortier is fighting the European Court of Human Rights over the conditions of his mother’s death. Mortier didn’t find out his mother, Godelieva De Troyer, had been euthanized until he received a phone call the next day asking him to retrieve her body from the morgue. “I was completely shocked and traumatized,” Mortier says in an email interview with The Daily Signal.
Mortier says his mother had struggled with depression for many years and attributes her worsening conditions to the breakup of a romantic relationship and to being disconnected from her family. After her last relationship ended, she broke off contact with me and my children because she was worried that I was the same as my father who committed suicide when I was 5 years old. In seeking euthanasia, his mother asked doctors not to make contact with her children. Mortier contends that if part of her condition was the result of a “feeling of distance from her children,” doctors had no right to determine that her condition was “incurable” and she could not be helped. Oncologist Wim Distelmans, a doctor who specializes in tumors and also advocates for the life-terminating procedure, ended De Troyer’s life with a lethal injection.