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By March 6, 2015 Recent News

Euthanasia will be in NZ soon, says advocate
Stuff 7 March 2015
It is only a matter of time before people are given the legal right to choose to die in New Zealand, a Dutch euthanasia advocate says.
Dr Rob Jonquiere, who helped draft legislation that allowed Dutch people suffering a terminal illness to choose to die, is on a nationwide speaking tour meeting with the public, doctors and other medical specialists.
But euthanasia opponents say Jonquiere is not welcome in this country and accuse him of “promoting suicide”.
Jonquiere was brought over by the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of New Zealand, which is pushing for the Government to change the law to allow people with “unbearable suffering end their lives with dignity, not in pain”.
Jonquiere said he was hopeful change would come to New Zealand, where euthanasia is still illegal.
He pointed to a Canadian Supreme Court decision last month striking down the law against physician assisted dying and ordering the Canadian parliament to give mentally competent, consenting adults the right to seek medical assistance to end their lives.