Bill euthanised over little support in House

By December 16, 2014 Recent News

Stuff 16 December 2014
Palmerston North’s MP says the “conservative” makeup of Parliament is one of the main reasons for dropping his pursuit of a bill seeking to legalise euthanasia.
Labour’s Iain Lees-Galloway has abandoned the Right to Life Choice Bill at the request of new Labour Party leader Andrew Little, based on its forecasted lack of support.
The private member’s bill would have given people the choice to end their lives or receive medical assistance to die in certain circumstances, like terminal illness.
Lees-Galloway said he had doubts such a bill would have had much cross-party support.
“After speaking with MPs around the House, I have come to the view that this Parliament is reasonably conservative and one that’s unlikely to pass socially progressive legislation under a conscience vote,” he said.