Garth George: The consequences of euthanasia can extend to being diabolical

By November 18, 2014 Recent News

NZ Herald 19 November 2014
Like the pro-abortion lobby back in the day, the proponents of legalising euthanasia never give up.
Within weeks of the election, Labour’s Palmerston North MP Iain Lees-Galloway has taken over responsibility for the End of Life Choice Bill after sponsor Maryan Street failed to get re-elected.
He is gauging support in the new Parliament before deciding whether to put it back in the private members’ bill ballot.
I bet he does. The bill would allow people aged 18 or over to be helped to die if they were proved mentally competent by two doctors, after consultation with family, and after a “stand-down” period of a week.
I have written on this subject before, but it pays to remind ourselves of the murderous consequences of legalising suicide. And as one who has terminal cancer I reckon I have the right.
I have no fear of death; I will go, I hope willingly, when the Lord calls my name.