I’m worried my wife will say ‘you’re better off without me’

By November 13, 2014 Recent News

The Christian Institute 12 November 2014
Legalising assisted suicide would increase pressure on vulnerable people to ask for help to kill themselves, the House of Lords has heard.
Lord Tebbit said his wife, who was severely disabled by an IRA bomb in 1984, had already told him that he would be better without her.
His comments came last Friday as Peers debated the Assisted Dying Bill.
Lord Tebbit said: “I speak with some feeling. I have had the prime responsibility of the care of my wife for the last 30 years.
“She has been in constant pain. It is getting worse. She requires more and more care. I fear for the day when she will say again to me what she said to me a little while ago: ‘You know, you would be better off without me’.
“There are many ways in which pressure can be brought to bear to make people who are perhaps approaching the end of their lives—although I hope that my wife is not—to ‘do the decent thing’” he said, adding that amendments to the Bill do nothing to avoid that pressure.