I'm Dying, too, Brittany, but Suicide Is not the Answer

By October 20, 2014 Recent News

Aleteia.org 18 October 2014
My oncologist and I sat for a long time with hurting hearts for your story. We spoke in gentle tones discussing the hard path you are being asked to travel.
I came home and my friend and I sat on the bed of my five-year-old and prayed for you. We simply prayed you would hear my words from the most tender and beautifully broken place of my heart.
We prayed you would hear my words that are on paper coming from a place of tender love and knowing. Knowing what it is to know the horizon of your days that once felt limitless now feels to be dimming.
So hear these words from a heart full of love for you.
Brittany, your life matters, your story matters and your suffering matters. Thank you for stepping out from the privacy of your story and sharing it openly.
We see you, we see your life and there are countless lovers of your heart that are praying you would change your mind. Brittany, I love you, and I’m sorry you are dying. I am sorry that we are both being asked to walk a road that feels simply impossible to walk.