Palliative care rise strains funding

By September 8, 2014 Recent News

Stuff 8 September 2014
Southern hospices are fighting million-dollar funding shortfalls to provide care for patients, as the demand for palliative services increases.
Hospice Southland raised $1.8 million in the past financial year to cover the shortfall left by government funding and is facing a similar deficit this year.
Chief executive Andrew Leys said government funding covered about 50 per cent of the hospice’s operating costs.
The hospice received $1,747,013 of government funding in the past financial year but worked with a net operating deficit of $1,781,402.
This had to be made up by donations, grants, shop sales and bequests through the year, he said.
The biggest cost – about 80 per cent – was staff wages.
The majority of wage costs were to pay for clinical support staff, Leys said.