Assisted suicide would lure me to the grave, says UK MP

By July 20, 2014 Recent News

MailOnline 20 July 2014
Baroness Campbell, who has battled a degenerative disease for half a century, made a moving intervention against assisted dying yesterday, saying: ‘This offers no comfort to me – it frightens me.’
The Baroness of Surbiton was addressing a marathon 10-hour debate in the House of Lords on whether terminally ill patients should be helped to die if they wish.
Breathing through a ventilator, she said Lord Falconer’s Bill was aimed at her whether she wanted it or not, saying: ‘I did not ask it and I do not want it, but it is about me nevertheless.’
Baroness Campbell, who was born with severe spinal muscular atrophy, said that in moments of despair, she might be tempted to ask for assisted dying – and if the law changed, doctors would not stop her.
She told peers: ‘It frightens me because in periods of greatest difficulty I know I might be tempted to use it. It only adds to the burdens and challenges life holds for me.’