Outrage over right to die plan for kids (Scotland)

By June 17, 2014 Recent News

SundayPost.com 15 June 2014
The late Lothians MSP Margo MacDonald, who died in April after suffering Parkinson’s disease, launched a Bill to legalise euthanasia last year.
Polls revealed seven out of ten Scots support it.
Now an alliance of children’s charities is calling on the Holyrood committee considering the law change to “reflect” on the experiences of Belgium, which is the only country in the world to have no age limit.
Another group is suggesting the proposed 16-year-old age limit be reviewed in the future if the law is passed by MSPs.
However, the suggestion that terminally-ill children could be given the right to die has been branded “monstrous” by critics.
A spokesman for Care Not Killing, the campaign against the euthanasia laws, said: “Right-minded people will be baffled that such an idea can be advanced, not least from one organisation purporting to represent the interests of children.
“Such a monstrous idea should be unthinkable.”
MacDonald’s proposed law would give patients over the age of 16 the option of taking their own lives with the support of trained facilitators as long as they comply with a number of safeguards.
The Together group is an alliance of children’s charities which includes Save the Children and Barnardo’s.