Death is not preferable to living with a significant disability

By June 17, 2014 Recent News

Alex Schadenberg Blog 16 June 2014
I’m a non-religious man with cerebral palsy. I oppose legalizing euthanasia because i’ve seen far too many unrequested do-not-resuscitate orders placed on my disabled friends and colleagues.
This occurs because many doctors, like most of society, believe that death is preferable to living with a significant disability.

Legalizing euthanasia doesn’t give people the right to die; it gives people the right to request to die.
The doctor, not the patient, gets the power to decide. Legalizing Euthanasia adds significant legitimacy to the practice of placing unrequested DNRs on disabled people.
Privileged non-disabled people are trying to legalize euthanasia so they can gain the right to die. Many marginalized devalued disabled people are opposing legalizing euthanasia because we want the right to be safe in hospitals.