There is always something to live for, says son soccer star who became 'locked in' after stroke

By November 25, 2013 Recent News

Care Not Killing 16 August 2012
I believe a life is a life, no matter what state or condition a person is in. The people around them, whether that be family, friends, carers or medical staff, should remain positive and always remind the ill person that no matter what they may think, there is always something to live for.

Locked-in syndrome is best described as a condition of almost total paralysis apart from eye movements.
My dad, Gary Parkinson, has locked-in syndrome due to a stroke in September, 2010. I can’t talk on behalf of him or any other sufferer. I can talk as a family member directly affected by the illness.
My dad has made remarkable improvements but is a long way from a full recovery and regaining the quality of life he once had. That is not to say he can’t have an equally good one in the future. My dad was a fit, healthy sportsman with a football career spanning more than two decades.

The stroke struck early one morning. The night before he had been fine.
The next time I saw my dad was at Salford Royal Hospital.