Paralysed woman: Don’t give up hope for the future

By November 25, 2013 Recent News

Christian Institute 26 July 2010
A severely disabled woman has urged other disabled people who may feel like ending their lives not to abandon hope for the future. 
Marini McNeilly, who suffers from a condition known as ‘locked-in syndrome’, is paralysed and can only move her face, head and, very slightly, her fingers.
In an interview with The Times newspaper she calls for other sufferers not to give up hope, saying: “Hope is the last thing you should lose.”
Mrs McNeilly’s comments come in the wake of a legal challenge by Tony Nicklinson, who also suffers from ‘locked-in syndrome’, to force the Director of Public Prosecutions to issue guidance clarifying whether his wife would be prosecuted for murder if she kills him.
Mrs McNeilly, who taught English and Spanish, was left paralysed by a series of strokes two years ago, and was only able to move her eyes and her head slightly.
There were times in the first few months when Mrs McNeilly had little hope for the future and feared that she may never be able to communicate with people again.