Life with locked-in syndrome

By November 25, 2013 Recent News

Care Not Killing 9 September 2012
The media has a tendency to focus on the negatives of profound disability by giving a hugely disproportionate level of coverage to disabled people who wish to end their lives and very little to the majority who actually value their lives.
These good news stories have previously drawn attention to the fact that most people with ‘locked-in syndrome’ do not wish to die.
Locked-in syndrome hit the headlines after the experience of Tony Nicklinson. He went to court unsuccessfully to argue that his life had become so intolerable he should have the right to euthanasia and has since died from complications of his condition.
Here are two more positive stories about locked-in syndrome published over the last month.
Richard Marsh recounts his ordeal in the Guardian, explaining that doctors wanted to switch off his life-support after a stroke. He could hear every word but could not tell them he was alive. He is now 95% recovered.
The BBC has also posted a video featuring the story of Mike and Wendy Cubiss.