Euthanasia a 'cop out'

By November 23, 2013 Recent News 23 November 2013
If euthanasia is legalised the right to die will all too easily become a duty to die.
The crux of this debate is whether what a suicidal person proposes – to kill themselves – is a goal which should be shared and facilitated by the state, the medical profession and family members.
There are alternate care goals, like the treatment of depression and other symptoms, to which the state should apply itself.
When someone has lost hope for the future, finds no meaning in their life, and sees only one solution – death – we need to respond with real care. The biggest problem is that too many people, especially the elderly, have come to see that they are a burden to others. Why?
We need to recognise the extent to which we, as a society, may have contributed to that feeling. We cannot ignore the growing numbers of elderly people who are being abused and who feel socially isolated. A plea by someone to die should evoke suicide prevention measures that address the underlying causes behind the plea, not euthanasia.