Blind woman killed by lethal injection

By October 24, 2013 Recent News

DailyMail 8 October 2013
Medics have killed a woman by lethal  injection because she could not cope with becoming blind.
In one of the first cases of euthanasia for a  disability, the 70-year-old was deemed by doctors to be ‘suffering  unbearably’.
They granted her wish to die after she had  previously tried to commit suicide several times.
But pro-life campaigners said the case showed  how euthanasia and assisted suicide for more trivial reasons can soon become the  ‘norm’ in countries where it is legal.
They insisted it was medical negligence for  the doctors in Holland to have gone along with the woman’s suicidal ideas and  said they should have found a way to manage her psychological  problems.
The unnamed woman had been born with poor  eyesight which had deteriorated into blindness as she entered old age.