Say no to euthanasia

By October 21, 2013 Recent News 21 October 2013
Legalising euthanasia may benefit a few but it will harm thousands more.
Why legislate for suicide when suicide is an increasing problem across the board in New Zealand?
Legalising euthanasia will make people afraid of visiting their doctor when they know that at the back of the doctor’s mind they may be considering advising euthanasia as a solution. A doctor’s job is to heal not to kill. To alleviate pain, not to end a life.
Legalising euthanasia for those who are terminally ill cannot but lead to creeping acceptance of euthanasia as a solution for lesser illnesses.
Once we have made the decision to legalise state sanctioned killing (euthanasia) or assisted suicide (abetting the patient to kill themselves), we have crossed the moral divide and no further moral deliberation will be required to assent to extending to other classes of human beings other than the terminally ill.
After all, if euthanasia becomes a right, surely that right becomes a human right and no class of human beings can then be denied that right.
Legalising euthanasia sends the message to all persons that killing yourself is a way to solve your problems.