Euthanasia: Dead can't lay complaints

By October 16, 2013 Recent News 16 October 2013
Legalising euthanasia in New Zealand would be a terrible idea for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is impossible to ensure it is kept within the legal parameters.
Dead people can’t lay complaints.
We only have to look to the Netherlands and other European countries to see how awfully wrong things go when you open doors like this.
Progressive relaxation of the restrictions enables children as young as thirteen to choose death over a life they have barely begun (and thus haven’t yet seen the best of).
Many elderly people and those with disabilities are well known to choose to live with illnesses and curable ailments over a stay in hospital – out of fear that they will never come back out.
And this happens not out of misguided concern for their ‘wellbeing’ or quality of life, but often just to free up beds in the hospital.