Labour: Euthanasia bill will return

By October 15, 2013 Recent News

NZ Herald 16 October 2013
Coroner calls for fresh debate, but MP says the issue risks becoming a political football in election year.
Voluntary euthanasia will be placed back on the political agenda “like a shot” after the next election, Labour MP Maryan Street says.
Parliament was urged by a coroner yesterday to reopen debate on the issue after the case of 85-year-old Edna Gluyas, who committed suicide in August 2011 after a long struggle with arthritis and back pain.
Ms Street removed her End of Life Choice Bill from the private member’s bill ballot this year out of concern a debate about euthanasia could come up in election year and become a political football. Labour was also concerned the bill could distract from its main policies and deter more conservative voters.
Asked whether she would revisit the issue after the general election, Ms Street said: “I’ll put it back in the ballot like a shot. That will be one of my first actions.”