Euthanasia backed in poll

By October 11, 2013 Recent News

Northern Advocate 10 October 2013
More than 60 per cent of Whangarei residents want euthanasia legalised in some form while 85 per cent want changes to cannabis laws, a survey has found.
The research, carried out by Whangarei MP Phil Heatley, has surprised the National party MP, who traditionally votes along conservative lines and said the results will have him considering his stance on euthanasia.
But Bob McCoskrie, national director of conservative lobby group Family First, said the survey results on cannabis were at odds with national polls and he would oppose any attempt to decriminalise assisted suicide or euthanasia.
Mr Heatley has just released the outcome of his electorate survey where he sent questions to 7000 households in the electorate covering issues such as euthanasia, cannabis legislation, barriers stopping the district progressing, plans for unitary authorities and the biggest problems in the area.
He received 977 responses.
On euthanasia 46 per cent wanted it legalised for medical purposes only and 20 per cent wanted it legalised, with 20 per cent saying it should remain illegal and 9 per cent undecided. With cannabis, 62 per cent thought it should be legal, 23 per cent wanted it legalised for medical purposes only and 15 per cent wanted it to remain illegal.