Flood of rest home complaints

By September 24, 2013 Recent News

Stuff.co 25 Sept 2013
A horrified woman found dementia patients in her father’s rest home strapped to dining room chairs, while another elderly resident tried to cut them free with a knife.
In another home, an elderly woman had a fall and vomited 12 times before being taken to hospital later in the day. She died from her injuries.
Details of these and other failings in aged care nationwide have been revealed by the Ministry of Health after an Official Information Act request by The Dominion Post.
Choking incidents, surgery delays, bullying by rest home staff, and residents forced to live among paint cans are among more than 60 complaints substantiated in the past year alone.
Documents also show that two fresh complaints have been made against the Malvina Major Retirement Village in Broadmeadows, Wellington, since revelations in July about the shocking standard of care given to Susan Christian’s mother.