Trust saves unwanted dogs from euthanasia

By September 9, 2013 Recent News

Otago Daily Times 6 September 2013
A charitable trust launched to save Dunedin’s unwanted dogs from death is having the desired effect.
Figures released by the Dunedin City Council yesterday showed the number of dogs being euthanised in the city was less than half what it was beforehand, down from 107 in 2011-12 to just 44 in 2012-13.
Council animal control team leader Ros MacGill said dogs still being euthanised were mainly classified as dangerous dogs, or considered unsuitable to be placed in a new home for other reasons.
”Either they’re classified as a dangerous dog, or the behaviour that we observe while we’ve got them in the pound indicates they’re not suitable to go into another home.
”If they’re classified as a dangerous dog due to their breed, they automatically can’t be rehomed,” she said.